Sistemi za pranje i odmašćivanje vodom

PowerJet (single/multiple chamber flood system)

The LPW PowerJet modular range is currently our strongest system for achieving high quality cleanliness requirements in all sectors of industry.

The PowerJet system can be used for coarse/preliminary cleaning tasks under robust industrial conditions through to delicate and very delicate cleaning processes with a sterile or clean room connection (details: Industrial parts cleaning) LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH also offers suitable automation and control systems. The LPW range extends from simple loading automation to complex connections to multi-stage preliminary and follow-on processes; if required, also under the batch size1 and load tracking aspects.


Possible fields of use (examples)

  • High quality delicate cleaning:
    • Metal, plastic or ceramic components
    • Bulky goods or positioned individual componentsn
    • Fully or partially automated, e.g. diesel injection components
    • Cleaning for residual contamination or surface tension
    • Safe process removal of chips and machining residues after mechanical processing
    • Preparation for measuring/leak testing, e.g. built-on components for engine/transmission production
    • Cleaning for residual contamination or surface tension
  • High quality very delicate cleaning:
    • Components made from, say, stainless steels, titanium, plastic or ceramics for medical systems, the semiconductor/electronics sector, aerospace or the optical industry
    • Use of all known mechanical washing and wet chemical flood and spray methods
    • Positioned individual components
    • Fully or partially automated
    • Cleaning to sector-specific cleanliness criteria
  • Removing heavy contamination:
    • Preparation for used engine overhauls, e.g. before crack testing, after Lapping, after grinding and polishing processes
  • Cleaning before/after thermal deburring
    • Removing ignition residues before final assembly/further processing
    • Removal of oil/emulsion residues as TEM preparation, e.g. hydraulic components
  • Cleaning engine and transmission components
    • aluminium, steel and gray cast iron components
    • Safe process removal of chips and machining residues after mechanical processing
    • Preparation of components for measuring/leak testing
    • Cleaning for residual contamination or surface tension
  • Cleaning before/after heat treatment (hardening)
    • Removal of organic residues (as a rule emulsion)
    • Cleaning treated components before further assembly



PowerStep (serial immersion systems)

This is a powerful system with a configuration designed specially for the task, in the form of

  • A number of cleaning and rinsing baths
  • Requirement-dictated drying in series to achieve medium
  • and, for simple geometries, high quality cleaning criteria in all fields of industry

These systems are often fitted with ultrasound or megasound systems (if need be, multiple frequency ultrasound systems as well). The individual baths have a filtration circuit as well as surface skimming.



PowerLine (cyclic cleaning systems)

This is a system that has been designed for inline cleaning of large volumes (positioned, loose or palletized). Cleaning takes place cyclically or continuously in a spray cleaning process.

The system is suitable for non- or easily dipped components of low complexity. More complex geometries can be cleaned, rinsed and dried by means of targeted adjustments.


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