Optička i kontaktna (taktilna) jedinica za merenje osovina – MarShaft

Inteligentno merno rešenja za industriju 4.0
MarShaft SCOPE je univerzalna merna jedinica za ispitivanje okruglih komada. Jedinica provodi merenje bez kontakta, pomoću kamere. Merenja se odvijaju potpuno automatski i bez uticaja korisnika.
MarShaft SCOPE plus je univerzalni, potpuno automatski sistem za optičko merenje rotaciono simetričnih komada – vratila i osovina.

MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus
Izuzetno visoka brzina snimanja slike od preko 120 slika u sekundi zahteva minimum vremena za merenja.

MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D Kombinacija optičkih i taktilnih senzora omogućuju po prvi put funkcionalno kompletnu 3D inspekciju obrađenih komada u jednom položaju stezanja.

Mahr, the application specialist, provides a completely new measurement method for the camshaft and now (optionally) also for straight and helical cylindrical gears using the new MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D: The combination of optical and tactile sensors allow for the first time ever the functionally complete 3D inspection of the workpiece in one clamping. Due to this market need, Mahr further developed the highly anticipated and well-received MarShaft SCOPE 750 plus system.  The advanced system now utilizes a new 2D probe system, a motorized tailstock and a calibration for the linear axes. A matrix camera optically measures characteristics such as diameters, lengths, radii, geometries, location characteristics, cam angle or cam lift in seconds. The additional 2D probe system detects features that are not optically measurable: concave cam profile, all common gear parameters on cylindrical gears, axial run out, reference elements in the axial direction such as blind holes. For this system, the tactile and optical systems are calibrated in one measuring coordinate system. The measuring station operates in conjunction with the MarWin software platform, thus providing full 3D functionality.

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